Annual Price List

Annuals in Market Packs (6 packs) $4.25
Ageratum ‘Blue Danube’
Alyssum: Easter Bonnet series – White, Violet, Peach, Deep Rose
Aster: Pot N’Patio Blue
Begonias: Prelude series (green leaf) Scarlett, Rose White
Cocktail series (dark leaf) Gin – Pink, Vodka – Red, Whiskey – White
Dusty Miller – Silver Dust
Impatiens – Super Elfin series – Lipstick, Pink, Red, Salmon, Violet, White
Lobelia: Riviera Blue Eyes, Midnight Blue, Springtime Mix
Marigolds: Janie Bright Yellow
Safari Red (bold red with gold edges and center)
Safari Tangerine (yellow/orange)
Spry Boy (mahogany petals, yellow center)
Petunias: Red, Blue, White, Mix
Snapdragons: Appleblossom, Pink, Rose, Yellow, White
Stock: Bugundy, Yellow, White
Zinnias: State Fair

Accent Annuals: 4” pot $2.99 each
Spikes: use in center of planters to add height
Asparagus fern, Creeping Jenny, Ivy, Vinca vine: use on edges of planters to hang down
Annual Grasses: 4.5” pot $4.99 (use as the thriller in the middle of planters)
Purple Fountain Grass
Live Wire

Annuals in 4.5” pots $4.99 each
Angelonia: Serena series: Blue, Purple
Callibrochoa (Million Bells): CanCan Dark Purple,
MiniFamous series: Double Pink, Uno Yellow, Purple, Neo White, Neo Purple
Alohaseries: Nani Midnight, Nani Blue, Nani White, Dark Red
Starshine Cherry
Cordyline: Red Star
Cuphea: Honeybells
Dianthus: Super Truoper series – Magenta & White, Orange, Silver Pink
Evolvulus: Blue Daze, Blue My Mind
Geraniums: grown from cuttings, not seeds
American series: Coral
Caliope series: Medium Bright Scarlet, Pink Flame, Dark Red, Medium White,
Large Salmon
Dyanamo series: Hot Pink
Fantasia series: Cardinal, Purple Sizzle, Strawberry Sizzle, White
Rocky Mountain series: Salmon
Tango series: White Splash (white with pink center), Violet
Lamium: PW Purple Chablis
Licorice Plant: Petite Licorice
Lobularia: Dark Night, Raspberry Stream
Marguerite Daisies: Meteor Red, Carmine Red, Summersong Rose, Summersong White,
Golden Butterfly
Nasturtiums: Whirlybird Mix
Osteospermum (African Daisy): 4D Violet Ice, Margarita Purple, Margarita Lilac
Petunias: Rise & Shine, Black Velvet, Plus Pinkalicious, Plus Purple, Midnight Gold,
Blueberry Ruffle, Coral, Dark Red, Purple Halo, Night Sky
Wave Series Petunias:
Easy Wave: Pink Passion, Rosy Dawn, Burgundy Star, Coral Reef
Original Wave: Misty Lilac, Violet, Blue
Salvia: Black & Blue
Rockin Fuchsia, Rockin Blue Suede Shoes
Unplugged So Blue
Swedish Ivy: Mona Lavender
Sweet Potato Vine: Blackie, Marguerite
Verbena: Superbena Series (spreading): Sparkling Rose, Royal Plum Wine
Cadet Series (upright): Red, Pink, Magenta Pink
Zinnia: Profusion series: Cherry, Double Fire