Noble Fir Christmas Tree Survey

A shortage of Noble Firs has resulted in the risk of them no longer being available. This lack of trees will no doubt result in any available trees going up in price. We project that next year, if any trees are available at all, a 7-8 ft. Noble Fir will cost $110. (This year will be $99.99)

We need your input to continue offering these magnificent trees! If you love the Noble Fir, and a cost of $110 per tree is acceptable, we will make every effort to stock them once again next year. If this price is too high we will discontinue stocking Noble Firs for a few years, in hopes that the supply will increase and the costs stabilize or decrease. We will base our decision on the majority consensus.

Please respond below.

Would you be Willing to pay $110 for a Noble Fir Christmas Tree Next Year?

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